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    Braşov str. Zizinului nr. 113
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    R 17666020
  • commercial register:
    J 08/1432/2005
  • account:
    RO08BNRB211000074170R001 OTP Braşov
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Founded in 2005


Mr. Alex CERCEL,Founder, offers its client's:
  • production of steel structures for construction;
  • production of industrial steel structures for blast furnaces, lifting and handling equipment, etc...;
  • production of metal structures for barracks and modular exhibition elements etc.

Since founding and present the company has continuously developed and managed to record profits, acquire equipment, vehicles (trucks) and techniques for metallic constructions:
  • welding in protective environment;
  • plasma cutting machine;
  • lathes and milling
  • cutting machines etc.


The company has a qualified technical staff, being able to meet all requirements of partners.

The company has managed to impose on the market in Brasov in the area,it has ending direct contracts and subcontracts with companies that: ACVATOD Ltd., AUTOLIV Ltd.,CENTA METAL Ltd., ICCO Ltd., MECON SA Brasov, VIAROM CONSTRUCT Ltd., STABILUS ROMANIA Ltd. ITALINOX Ltd., MARSIPO PROD Ltd., METABRAS SA, METAL CENTER Ltd., PRESCOM Ltd., STRODATCOM Ltd., REBELS Ltd.

If you like more informations on ALMETCOM Ltd. , or have any questions, or any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
We will be happy to asist you in any way we can.




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